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Over the years, shutter manufacturing has changed, especially over the last decade or so. They are definitely doing different things today than they were thirty years ago. At that time, your only options were real wood, flimsy aluminum, or weak forms of vinyl. Today, manufacturers are combining materials to make composite shutters that look great and are easy to care for. If you have a Grosse Pointe, Michigan area home, you’ll do well to choose today’s Grosse Pointe Shutters that come in many styles, materials, and painted or stained options.

As window covering professionals, Blinds in Motion have had questions asked from customers regularly. Here are some of the questions and answers we’ve discussed with our clients before:

Question: What exactly are faux wood shutters?

Answer: Faux wood is not real wood. This is just a term used to mean the materials resemble the look of real wood but are not real wood materials. Quality faux wood shutters look exactly like the real thing, with touching as the only way to tell they are not real wood.

Question: What types of composite materials are used in shutters?

Answer: Both the polyclad and polycore shutters are made of composite materials. There are other composite materials available as well, but these are the two strongest composite shutter types. Other composites are weaker and cheaper. High quality materials that are joined together to make composite shutters come in several types including faux wood shutters, faux shutters, composite shutters, vinyl composite shutters, polyresin shutters, polyclad shutters, and polycore shutters.

You can pretty much count on all faux wood shutters of the polyresin, polyclad, and polycore types to be strong and durable, made of quality materials. The cheap version of plastic or pure vinyl has long been on the market, but not very popular today because they just aren’t worth it. They tear and break too easily. Imported composite shutters are not really made with quality composite materials though they are marketed as if they were. The best quality composite shutters come from well known manufacturers like Hunter Douglas and Graber. That’s why we prefer to represent them.

Question: What is the difference between polycore and polyclad shutters?

Answer: Made of compressed wood and high quality vinyl, polyclad shutters are much more durable than regular vinyl. The polycore shutters are manufactured with a co-extruded aluminum core, making them resistant to bending or warping. They are also made of high quality vinyl. Both styles of Grosse Pointe Shutters are guaranteed not to crack, warp, fade, or loose color. They are resistant to insects, sunlight, heat, and are fire resistant. Bacteria or moisture won’t affect your polycore or polyclad shutters. They have baked in color to keep them from fading. But the best thing of all is that they are more affordable than real wood shutters.

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